The awkward moment when u fall off ur turtle while space jumping on the moon and fall into a crater full of alien gummy bears.

Girl is over her boyfriend's house:
Boy: (Playing Xbox)
Girl: (sitting on the boys bed sad)
Boy: Whats wrong, babe?
Girl: Oh, nothing..
Boy: (Pauses Game)
Girl: Why did you stop playing? (starts to smile)
Boy: I have to pee.
Girl: ...

"Dude she just called you italian"
"Oh hell no, hold my ipod!"
"what does that have to do with being italian?"
"Absolutely nothing, why?"
"Nothing... I just thought since you were italian, you'd be holding a pizza or something..."

voldemort: Ha-ha I killed your parents
Harry: yeah well at least my parents didn't take the* i've got your nose game seriosly*
Voldemort: ............

dad its G6......

Blonde: Look! You can get a laptop here for four dollars!
Brunette: What?
Blonde: Yeah! And it's even big!
Brunette: We're at McDonald's. They don't sell computers.
Blonde: Yes they do! Check the menu! Big Mac - $4.
Brunette: ........

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